Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi to all who read this blog. I really thought I'd be back sooner, but "stuff" happens and then I get lazy. I never did get to Tarpon Springs and that wonderful Greek food I was so looking forward too. Got sick but am fully recovered now.

A friend recently showed me how to make a wonderful folding card. She had made a Halloween card for her great grandson and was just too too cute. She was kind enough to show me and some friends how easy it was to make. I did make a couple of Halloween cards, but I want to show you the birthday card I made for my granddaughter's step-daughter who is turning six next week. I had such fun making it. Below are several different views of the card.

The first view is the front of the card and shows how it opens.

The next two views show the four inside panels.

The last two views show the reverse side of the folding card.

There is a lot of diamond glitter on the wings and cake; it just doesn't show that well. I think a little six year old will like this, don't you?

Until next time, keep safe and healthy.

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