Thursday, November 29, 2012


OMG!!! I cannot believe that I left out one of my dearest craft members.... Jo. She has been my inspiration and mentor to go ahead with this knee surgery and I left her name off the list. I just know it's the meds.

Anyway, my heartfelt thanks, once again, to Sue and Sue and Suzanne, Audrey, Dot, Ruth and Jo. Bless you all!


It has certainly been awhile since I posted, my friends. A lot has been happening in the weeks since my last post. We had the craft fair in our community and I'm happy to say that my cards sold quite well.

I had taken pictures of the Christmas cards I made for the craft fair and have been "itching" to post them. However! Our house sold unexpectidly and we had just 2 weeks to move out. (Fortunately we had another house available to move in to.) I want to tell you all that my hubby went way above the call of duty with this move as he did most of it by himself.

To top it off, a week after the move (and trying to settle and unpack) I had knee replacement surgery. That was on the 5th of November. Anyway, I'm doing exceptionally well and this is the first day I have felt that I could sit at the computer long enough to do a post.

This post is special because I want to thank ALL of my little craft group for everything that they have done to help out. Can you believe that they got together and brought a prepared meal, for two, each day for over two weeks? My hubby didn't have to cook a thing! So.... a huge thank you to Sue and Sue and Suzanne, Audrey, Dot and Ruth. I love you all dearly and am so thankful to have you as my friend. You have been life savers.

Here are a couple of the cards I made for the craft fair. I hope you'll like them. 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Good morning. As you may have guessed, I've returned from my vacation at the beach. It was a very interesting week and I'm so pleased with some of the pictures I was able to get. Now it's time to get back to normal.

As stated previously, our community is having a craft fair at the end of the month. (Our 2nd annual craft fair.) I've been making cards like crazy, so now it's time to share some of the cards I've made. You've already seen a couple of them and here are a few more of the whimsical ones.

I'll be posting some Christmas cards, among others, in the days to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Yesterday was a lovely day at the beach. It was hot... that's for sure. The winds were coming from the east until late in the afternoon, then they shifted. Following are some of the pictures I took of the approaching storm.


As we looked up the beach, there appeared to be smoke and we determined that there was a boat fire. (Of course we don't know that for sure.)

Then the rain hit and the skies opened up, the wind blew and it was amazing. After the storm, we figured we wouldn't see a sunset, but this is what we did see.

There is a low spot in front of where we are staying that fills with water when there are heavy rains. After the rains, the seagulls come along and take a "fresh water" bath.

What a joy there is in nature and what spectacular pictures one can capture at the ocean.

To top off this post, here is another whimsical card I made a while back.

Enjoy your day, have a wonderful long weekend, and check back in another day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Good morning all. It looks like it's going to be an okay day in paradise. We awoke to heavy rains and a little thunder, but it looks like it's clearing now.

After I downloaded my pictures yesterday, a most amazing rainbow appeared so I had to take some pictures to share.

Isn't this rainbow just manificent?

We had company later in the day and just sat around talking. The sun didn't really come out 'til late in the afternoon.

Other then that, it has been quiet here. However, everyday brings something new to watch as the sky and ocean just keep on changing.

Here's a little card I made recently. I decided I'd try making some cards with a stamp set I'd purchased eons ago and never used. That's it for today. Stay tuned and have a good one.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tropical Paradise

Who says one has to go to the Carribean to have gorgeous tropical atmosphere? We are on vacation at our timeshare on the gulf coast of Florida, and it is simply gorgeous.

The surf is unusually high today; we watched rain approach this morning and it is so beautiful to see.

(I think my camera lense was fogged a bit when I took this shot.) I have more pictures that I want to share later on. However, just for the sake of keeping this post legit, here's a card I made recently. Little did I know that I'd be at the beach when I posted it.

That's it for today. Have a good one and I'll catch you all later.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Good morning everyone, and what a lovely morning. Gee, but it's been a long time since I've posted anything. It's been a long, hot summer and I've done a lot of reading... and I've made loads of cards.

Our community is holding a craft fair at the end of October and I've been making cards like crazy in hopes of selling some. This will be our 2nd fair and I did quite well last year.

There are just so many cards and ideas out there and not enough time to do them all. Anyway, here are a few samples of what I've made.


As you can see, I've been trying to do some cards appropriate for men/boys. Anyway, keep checking in and don't give up on me. I have lots more to show you, plus some Christmas cards. You all have a great day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Tuesday was my birthday and a surprise birthday party was held for me at the club house in our community. And what a surprise it was!

I want to thank everyone who was there and everyone that sent me cards wishes via facebook. So many of my friends were able to be there. Who knew one could have so many friends and could keep a secret, too!

From a planned lunch date with a wonderful friend, the party "ballooned" to my crafting buddies and domino players to Red Hat Sisters to my book club group from "The Wellington Bookies" and other friends too.

Thank you everyone for making this day so memorable! I love you all.

And thank you Sue for making this happen.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Its our 48th anniversary today and I was going to post some cards I'd made for family and friends who's anniversary falls within days or weeks of ours, but instead I'm going to show you the wonderful cards we received from my fellow cardmakers in our little crafting group. There is also a gorgeous card among them from our daughter.

I am so fortunate to have such great crafting "buddies" and WE are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Aren't these cards special???

Last evening a member of our group hosted a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for another member of our group and her hubby. My job was to get the couple to the party. Well, it worked out just fine... I asked them if they would join me and my husband to celebrate our anniversary a day early and the neighbors birthday, which just happened to be yesterday. It was a wonderful party and we were told that it was the first time ever, for either spouse, that they were actually surprised. They had no clue! Isn't it just great?

A big surprise for me and my hubby was there was an anniversary cake for us too. Thank you one and all!

That's it for this Monday, but stay tuned. You just never know what might pop up next. 

Friday, April 27, 2012


Good morning, all, and what a lovely morning it is. It's supposed to get really "warm" today, but for now, the doors are open letting the cool breezes flow through the house.

It's a stay-at-home day today so that a little housework can get done and also some ironing. (Yes, I DO still iron.) Tonight some friends and I will be attending a local theater called the Show Palace and watching the "Swing Revue 2012". We're going for just the show, this evening, although this is a dinner theater and we usually go to matinee's and have the dinner. 

This is the most wonderful theater group. All professional performers. Just to let you know some of the shows we've seen; Steel Magnolias; Hairspray; Meet Me In St. Louis. I'm so lucky to be living in this area.

On to card making. I just love today's card! When I decided to post it, I thought I'd do it on my birthday. I was having a pity-party type of day and that's exactly how I felt that morning. (I'm coming up on 3/4 of a century next month.)'s just another number. (I think?). And I'm feeling great! Hope you like the card.

You all have a great weekend and stay tuned. You never know what I'll come up with next.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Good afternoon. It's a really cool day here in Florida. I mean "cool", as in temperature. It's about 70 degrees and that's almost unheard of at this time of year. It feels soooo good!!

I just got back from a Red Hat Founders Day luncheon at our clubhouse. There are five Red Hat chapters in our little community and we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Red Hat Society. It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since our first Chapter was formed in our community. About 40 people turned out for that meeting and it was decided we would require two chapters. And so it was. The Wellington Chapeau Rouge and The Crimson Glories were born.

In a recent posting, I mentioned I had done some "wax" cards. I thought I'd show you a couple of the better ones. Keep in mind that these two cards were made in my second class. (You should see what the instructor created.)

The technique involves the spreading of white wax on some glossy black cardstock and using a special iron to "cut" in your design. (I think I'll stick to stamping and coloring."

The next card is a totally different technique but still using wax on a paper napkin.

I don't remember exactly how this was done but I believe we used "newsprint" paper, paper napkins and clear wax. I do remember that we bought all kinds of napkins to make different cards with. Again, I'll stick to stamping.

It's too easy to get involved in too many projects so it's time to find another home for those items I no longer use. Now it's time to put some more cards together. That's it for another day, but stay tuned. You never know what I'll come up with next.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


This little image is just so sweet. I don't know where the image came from but I just love it. Reminds me of my "kids" when they were little and of my grandkids today.

The difference being, they were watching TV and not a music box. Anyway, I think she's a sweetie.

Yesterday was great! Went to a card making class in the morning and made four of the neatest cards ever. One was a "man" card, another could be used for a man or most any occasion, one was all occasion and one was a real "girlie" card.  I would love to post the cards, but the instructors have their own blog called "Stamping in Paradise" and I expect them to post the cards.

My hubby and I went out to eat an early dinner after I got home from the class. We just missed a huge down-pour of much needed rain, but we watched it from the restaurant. I don't think we got enough rain to make much difference, however.

I guess that's all from this neck of the woods. Have a great day now, you hear?  

Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi everyone. It looks like I'm behind in my postings. I want to assure you that I haven't been clearing out my craft closet all of this time. Just lazy and not much to write about. But! I did put some "stuff" in the box that was waiting. Craft things I'll never use again. 

Back in the day, I did a little decorative painting and have loads of acrylic paints. In fact, I have a Donna Dewbury kit that I got from QVC or HGTV years ago and have never even opened the paints. Then I have all kinds of "wax" and an iron for melting the wax and all sorts of stuff for that craft. Well, I decided that when our next "yard sale" comes around in November, I'll get a table and try selling some of these items. Maybe I should try selling some stamp sets so that I'll have room for all the new ones I'll have by then.'s a card I did a while back and thought it was appropriate for a partially cloudy day. (I'm praying we get some much needed rain this weekend.)

Hope you enjoy it and I'll be back soon, if not sooner. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Good morning, all. I thought I'd do a post before I start my day. I didn't meet any of my goals yesterday, but I do have a box ready to fill. After I finish this, I am really, really going to start work on my craft closet. Honest Injun!

What I did do yesterday was laundry and a little cleaning, then made an anniversary card in the afternoon. I have two friends and two family members who have wedding anniversary's in the next week or two. Oh, and then there is our anniversary, too. One of the anniversary's is a 25th and the other is a 50th. Cudos to wedded bliss.

Today is my middle Granddaughter's 12th birthday. (Happy Birthday, Alex.) You all saw the card I made for her. A really girly, girly card. This one is also one of my favs. 

Time to get to work. Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Can you believe it? April is half over, already. Where in the world does the time go? I've searched and searched but just can't find it. I keep thinking I'll find time tomorrow, but when I awake in the morning, it's already today.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. I made a resolution in January to clean out my "craft" closet and put away all of the things I no longer craft with. Maybe then I can find room for all the other "stuff" I've purchased and don't have a home for.

The other project is to clean up my work-table. It is unbelievably cluttered. The amazing thing is, I usually know where to find things. Oh well, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off I go to do something... check back in and I'll let you know if I accomplished any of my goals. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Good afternoon. The weekend is nearly upon us. Have you all accomplished all of your goals for the week? I find it relatively easy to meet my goals, as I don't set any. Well, maybe one day at a time and I met mine today. Finished a really cute card that I'll post soon and caught up on laundry. Now I must figure out what I'll make for dinner. (Hmmm, going out is a good option...)

Our cardmaking group had a delightful time Wednesday night at our monthly get-together. Our SU demonstrator had us make the most adorable card. The design was so great that, when we met for our weekly session, we made some cards that we can add a stamped image to at a later time. Lots of fun.

I'm posting the Karate Boy today, that I had told you about recently. I think he is so cute. He is a digi stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil. There are so many wonderful digi's at this site.

You all have a wonderful weekend and check us out again next week.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


OK, I'm sure someone out there has a birthday today, so this card is for you! Have a wonderful day.

My Scrapbooking/Cardmaking friends meet here tonight for our monthly Stampin' Up get together. There are seven in our group and each month we alternate hosting a workshop. My turn was supposed to be next month, but I switched with a friend who had to be out of town. So, after I get done with this, I'd better get my house in order in preparation for a fun evening.

I was out first thing this morning getting my nails "done". Now I need to do as little as possible to let them "set". (Many of you know what I'm talking about.) Then I'll get my house in order. 

My sweet hubby is outside planting flowers. He said he should have purchased them sooner as there wasn't much of a selection left yesterday. Another lesson learned.

Anyway, here's the birthday card for anyone having a birthday today. Enjoy and see you again soon.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I didn't know what to put in my blog today, so I thought I'd talk about my middle granddaughter who will be turning 12 years old next Monday. I realize she is still a "tween", but this is her last year of being a little girl. Next birthday, she will, officially, be a teenager.

She loves to sing and dance, do crafts and even requested a Joann's gift card for her birthday. (Takes right after her Grandma, yes?)   She loves shopping at Joann's, even though she has to travel 45 minutes to get to a Joann's store.

I don't see my granddaughter's very often. Upon retirement, we headed south and they live about 1300 miles north of us. We talk on the phone, but not as much as when she was smaller. When we do see them a couple of times a year, she and her sister like to put on "shows" for us and entertain us with stories, song and dance.

Back to the card, I thought I'd make a really "girlie" card, all in pink and white except for the center. I'll have a whole year to come up with a more mature card for a teenager. I must admit that I made a major mistake when making this card. I had misted the large flower with shimmer and decided to put shimmer on the colored image. Lesson learned! You don't spray alcohol based shimmer over an alcohol marker colored image. It ran!! So I did a second image and left it alone.

I don't know if you will see the glitter wings or shimmer, but it's there. You all have a wonderful evening and I'll be back soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Good morning all. I missed posting yesterday. Thursdays are the days that our little "scrapbook/card making group meet at the club, but it ended up just two of us able to attend. Therefore, the two of us met at my house and worked on some cards, then met a couple of friends at our club house for lunch.

I found the most delightful digital stamp site yesterday. I admired a card made by Cheryl Valadez ( that featured a "karate boy". She had a link to the store called Mo's Digital Pencil and they have the most wonderful digital stamps. Needless to say, I purchased several. There were lots of stamps featuring boys, and I haven't seen many out there. Anyway, I'll color one up soon and perhaps put it on my blog.

Today's card is another flowery card that I hope you like. One of the few that is totally my own creation. In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Mornin' all. If I were still working, this would be "hump" day. But since I'm retired, it's just another wonderful day in the neighborhood. I feel so fortunate that all is calm here in FL. I cannot imagine what the poor folks in Texas are feeling today after such horrendous weather yesterday.

Easter is just four days away, so I thought I'd post some flower cards for the next few days. (Be aware, they are NOT Easter cards.) I just love coloring flowers and especially with my copic markers. But... I must say that I still use my SU markers, especially the Soft Subtle colors. 

Today's card was water colored using SU markers. I'm still trying to get used to the aqua painter, but have better luck using a paint brush. 

Have a wonderful day and see you all soon.