Monday, April 30, 2012


Its our 48th anniversary today and I was going to post some cards I'd made for family and friends who's anniversary falls within days or weeks of ours, but instead I'm going to show you the wonderful cards we received from my fellow cardmakers in our little crafting group. There is also a gorgeous card among them from our daughter.

I am so fortunate to have such great crafting "buddies" and WE are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Aren't these cards special???

Last evening a member of our group hosted a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for another member of our group and her hubby. My job was to get the couple to the party. Well, it worked out just fine... I asked them if they would join me and my husband to celebrate our anniversary a day early and the neighbors birthday, which just happened to be yesterday. It was a wonderful party and we were told that it was the first time ever, for either spouse, that they were actually surprised. They had no clue! Isn't it just great?

A big surprise for me and my hubby was there was an anniversary cake for us too. Thank you one and all!

That's it for this Monday, but stay tuned. You just never know what might pop up next. 

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