Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi everyone. It looks like I'm behind in my postings. I want to assure you that I haven't been clearing out my craft closet all of this time. Just lazy and not much to write about. But! I did put some "stuff" in the box that was waiting. Craft things I'll never use again. 

Back in the day, I did a little decorative painting and have loads of acrylic paints. In fact, I have a Donna Dewbury kit that I got from QVC or HGTV years ago and have never even opened the paints. Then I have all kinds of "wax" and an iron for melting the wax and all sorts of stuff for that craft. Well, I decided that when our next "yard sale" comes around in November, I'll get a table and try selling some of these items. Maybe I should try selling some stamp sets so that I'll have room for all the new ones I'll have by then.'s a card I did a while back and thought it was appropriate for a partially cloudy day. (I'm praying we get some much needed rain this weekend.)

Hope you enjoy it and I'll be back soon, if not sooner. Have a wonderful weekend.

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