Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Good morning all. Welcome to another lovely day. I heard that the temperature is going to break record highs today and maybe hit in the 90's.  What a winter and spring we've had.

Our water heater has been replaced and is working just fine. No leaks!! Laundry day has moved, at least for this week. Catching up on that is my goal for today; laundry and ironing.

Today's post reminds me that it's time to go get some seasonal flowers to plant. (I mean for my hubby to plant... LOL.) I don't do garden work, just critique it.

Speaking of today's post, the copper watering can was a challenge, but it came out pretty "well".

My hubby, who's my best critic, wasn't too keen on the colors of the tulips, but I wanted to try different shades and I know tulips grow in a variety of colors. For those viewers that want to know the colors I used for the copper, I used E2, E8, E9, E39 and a blend of the last two colors.

Have a wonderful day, and check in again soon.

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  1. There,just no signed up for e-mail and leaving a comment to show I was here.:)

    I like the card by the way.