Friday, April 6, 2012


Good morning all. I missed posting yesterday. Thursdays are the days that our little "scrapbook/card making group meet at the club, but it ended up just two of us able to attend. Therefore, the two of us met at my house and worked on some cards, then met a couple of friends at our club house for lunch.

I found the most delightful digital stamp site yesterday. I admired a card made by Cheryl Valadez ( that featured a "karate boy". She had a link to the store called Mo's Digital Pencil and they have the most wonderful digital stamps. Needless to say, I purchased several. There were lots of stamps featuring boys, and I haven't seen many out there. Anyway, I'll color one up soon and perhaps put it on my blog.

Today's card is another flowery card that I hope you like. One of the few that is totally my own creation. In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter.  

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  1. Really pretty. Love the little trio of flowers.