Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Good afternoon. It's a really cool day here in Florida. I mean "cool", as in temperature. It's about 70 degrees and that's almost unheard of at this time of year. It feels soooo good!!

I just got back from a Red Hat Founders Day luncheon at our clubhouse. There are five Red Hat chapters in our little community and we celebrated the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Red Hat Society. It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since our first Chapter was formed in our community. About 40 people turned out for that meeting and it was decided we would require two chapters. And so it was. The Wellington Chapeau Rouge and The Crimson Glories were born.

In a recent posting, I mentioned I had done some "wax" cards. I thought I'd show you a couple of the better ones. Keep in mind that these two cards were made in my second class. (You should see what the instructor created.)

The technique involves the spreading of white wax on some glossy black cardstock and using a special iron to "cut" in your design. (I think I'll stick to stamping and coloring."

The next card is a totally different technique but still using wax on a paper napkin.

I don't remember exactly how this was done but I believe we used "newsprint" paper, paper napkins and clear wax. I do remember that we bought all kinds of napkins to make different cards with. Again, I'll stick to stamping.

It's too easy to get involved in too many projects so it's time to find another home for those items I no longer use. Now it's time to put some more cards together. That's it for another day, but stay tuned. You never know what I'll come up with next.

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