Friday, October 5, 2012


Yesterday was a lovely day at the beach. It was hot... that's for sure. The winds were coming from the east until late in the afternoon, then they shifted. Following are some of the pictures I took of the approaching storm.


As we looked up the beach, there appeared to be smoke and we determined that there was a boat fire. (Of course we don't know that for sure.)

Then the rain hit and the skies opened up, the wind blew and it was amazing. After the storm, we figured we wouldn't see a sunset, but this is what we did see.

There is a low spot in front of where we are staying that fills with water when there are heavy rains. After the rains, the seagulls come along and take a "fresh water" bath.

What a joy there is in nature and what spectacular pictures one can capture at the ocean.

To top off this post, here is another whimsical card I made a while back.

Enjoy your day, have a wonderful long weekend, and check back in another day.

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  1. Great storm pics and lovely card of course...