Saturday, April 18, 2015


It's a lovely day in Florida, but I must say, it is EXTREMELY warm for this time of year. The thermometer just showed 90 degrees in the sun. Now, that's just too hot for April.
I've been busy making cards and having a blast. Lately, it seems, the mojo is really flowing. Or it could be an escape from all the 'stuff' that is going on with my friends. Too many have fallen ill in recent months and I'm just waiting for them all to get well and get back on track.
Here's a card I cased from Glenda Caulkins, and this is for all of you that I don't see regularly.
This next card was made with my Granddaughter in mind. She is in 8th grade and just made the track team. She had her first meet and I'm waiting to find out how she did. She has a great love of animals and would love to have a horse.
I've been thinking about doing cards for an organization called Operation Write Home. This organization has specific guidelines to follow and sends homemade cards to troops that are deployed so that they can then send them home to family, friends and loved ones. The following two cards were made with this in mind.

I'll keep you posted regarding OWH and if I decide to participate. With that, I'll sign off. Have a wonderful week and keep crafting.


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  1. These are all gorgeous. I love the OWH cards. I hope you decide to do it!