Friday, February 17, 2012


Another day closer to my Red Hat cruise. We leave a week from tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to this cruise.

Last Saturday, several of us attended "Stampfest" in Clearwater. My goodness, but there are so many stamps out there. Of course, I purchased some. I just couldn't help myself. 

There were so many people that I couldn't get near one display that had just oodles of clear-stamps. Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't get near it. Saved me some money.

However!! I did get to one display and absolutely loved the display. I bought a kit and this "block" of stamps. There are five stamps on a block, four images and a sentiment. This is a completed card that I made;

I figured if I bought the kit, I could get the measurements and take it from there. In fact, I returned to the display and bought two more blocks.

This card is so much fun to make, but... I had a minor problem with adding the four elements in the correct sequence. I had to keep two of the cards I made as samples. 

You all stay safe out there and stay tuned. You never know what I will come up with next.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day, one and all.

We were at Busch Garden last Friday to see Frankie Avalon and on our walk to the theater, we went by this lovely garden. I just had to stop to take a couple of pictures. It was NOT there the week before. Isn't it lovely?

The Frankie Avalon show was excellent. It's hard to believe that he is 71 years old. He surely doesn't look it or act it. He told us some stories and facts, such as he has eight children; four boys and four girls and they were all born within a ten year span. WOW! 

One of his son's plays drum with the band. (He really gets into it when he has a solo). He introduced another young band member as Eden, "but he's not my son". Later in the show he said that Eden is the son of Don Everly, of the Everly Brothers. He and Eden then sang some of the hits from the Everly Brothers. You would have thought that the Brothers were "in the house".

I'm getting ready for my annual Red Hat Cruise, so things are a little hectic. A busy week coming up. Our Red Hat Group is off to Tampa Bay Downs for the horse races on Wednesday, and Thursday is our day at Busch Garden. The Osmond Brothers will be performing this week. Gee, but life is tough... lol.

I almost forgot! Four of my "stamping" friends and I went to "Stampfest" in Clearwater yesterday. What fun and soooo many stamp sets. I purchased the makings for a "flip" card that is just too cute. I'll take some pictures when I get a chance and post the cards. 

In the meantime, the following card is not a valentine, (you've already seen those that I made) but from some cards I made a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy it and until next time, stay safe.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Good evening, all. I have been so bad. I intended to do more posts, but time just seems to get away from me. And I swear! One is busier in retirement then when one was working. The "social life" is really hectic. NOT complaining, don't you know. I just might have slowed down just a wee bit.

Anyway.... time to play a little catch-up. We've been to Busch Garden a couple of times since the last post. We saw Tony Orlando last week. What a really great show it was. If you haven't seen him recently, you might enjoy these pictures.

You can see he has put on a little weight but it didn't affect his singing. He's still one great performer.

He featured some female singers but I don't remember who they were. Great voices, I must say.

And then, of course, there were the renowned "Diamonds" from the '50's. And one of them was an original. Nostalgia? Oh, my, yes!

Well, anyway, after the show, we took a detour and watched the elephants for awhile, then went to "out of Africa" and saw lions, hyena's, giraffe's and lots of others. What a lovely day.

Since this is supposed to be about cards and stamping, I'll close by posting a card I made quite awhile ago. I may have posted it before, but if I did, here it is again. Have a wonderful evening and see you next time. Stay safe.