Friday, February 17, 2012


Another day closer to my Red Hat cruise. We leave a week from tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to this cruise.

Last Saturday, several of us attended "Stampfest" in Clearwater. My goodness, but there are so many stamps out there. Of course, I purchased some. I just couldn't help myself. 

There were so many people that I couldn't get near one display that had just oodles of clear-stamps. Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't get near it. Saved me some money.

However!! I did get to one display and absolutely loved the display. I bought a kit and this "block" of stamps. There are five stamps on a block, four images and a sentiment. This is a completed card that I made;

I figured if I bought the kit, I could get the measurements and take it from there. In fact, I returned to the display and bought two more blocks.

This card is so much fun to make, but... I had a minor problem with adding the four elements in the correct sequence. I had to keep two of the cards I made as samples. 

You all stay safe out there and stay tuned. You never know what I will come up with next.


  1. Super cute. I'm glad someone has been busy crafting. I'm almost done with the room redesign.

  2. I love this waterfall card! You did an awesome job. I think this was one of the very first cards we did as SU "people"!!! Lol. Great as always!