Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The restful time between Christmas and New Years. At least for me. One of the bennies of being retired. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know mine was. My wonderful hubby got me an iPAD that I'd been wanting and I've been playing with it. I think I need to go on line and down-load the manual. I also have a friend who said she will help me with it. Now, if my grand-kids were here, they surely could show Grandma.

I thought I'd share with you all the Christmas cards we received that were made by my fellow card-makers. They are all so beautiful. Those that look at my blog will be happy to see that their cards have been published.

Here are a few of the cards and next time, I'll share some more.

I'm already looking forward to the next round of making Christmas cards. They are such fun to make. Until next time, my friends, stay safe.

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