Sunday, December 18, 2011


Good morning! It feels a tiny bit more like the Christmas season this morning. The temperature got down to 48 degrees. Feels really nice. Of course, I was out only long enough to pick up the Sunday paper. 

The mall trip went really well yesterday, but we were disappointed that there was NO tree in the atrium. Just a huge bungy-jumping "thing". I must say that there were 3 young people jumping and they looked to be having a blast. The only thing I purchased was from a specialty shop and it was a jar of Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip. It is delicious, but... I purchased it to serve with ham on Christmas. Honey Mustard and ham really go together very well.

We stopped at Joann's and I picked up a small matstack called The Winter Magic by DCWV, all blue's. (Like I need more paper! LOL) But I just might have to make one more card using this paper and using the cutest polar bear stamp set ever. I subscribe to a papercraft magazine that is from the UK and included in each issue is a lovely free item. This issue had the stamp set. 

No swans in today's card but there is a horse. Enjoy your day and see you tomorrow. Stay safe!


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  1. Pretty card. You did all kinds of coloring this year. Oh, and it's "Seven Swans a-Swimming" and "Six Geese a-Laying".