Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today's cards are the final two that we received that were handmade. All of these cards were/are just priceless. I just love receiving them.

I'm on my way to join our scrapbooking/cardmaking group at our club house. We had no plans for anything special, but I think I'll bring some "plans" I copied for making multi-fold cards. I think they are so unique. 

The weatherman predicted a freeze for last night, but thankfully, we didn't get one. My hubby was concerned for our fruit trees. The bitter cold winters of the last three years have not been kind to them. We lost a tangerine tree a couple of years ago. The grapefruit and starting to taste really good now and we should be getting some oranges soon. 

The last card is from my daughter and, if you watch her blog, "The Simple Crafter", you may have seen it. She does marvelous work. Unfortunately, we get to see her only a couple of times a year as she live up in CT. I wish we loved closer together.

Well, that's it for today, folks. Gotta run. You all have a great day and keep safe. 

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  1. Lovely cards. I very impressed that you've kept up with the blogging. You're better than me. Off to do more organizing...