Saturday, December 24, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE. It's finally here! Christmas Eve. After today, we can all relax and enjoy family, friends, good company and good food. I'm really looking forward to having my friends over tomorrow to enjoy our Christmas dinner with. I already miss my family, but we will talk. Wish they could all come down here and enjoy the warm weather. (Thank heaven for the dear friends we make in our retirement community.)

Anyway, I told you yesterday about the lovely cactus I see from my window as I sit here and "blog". I forgot to take pictures yesterday, but went out this morning and took some. Here's a couple that I took.

You'd think we lived in Arizona instead of Florida. What a great view. They also have a holly bush that has berries on it. So Christmas(y).

Lastly, this was my favorite card to make this year. I hope you all enjoy it.

He's just too cute! The stamp set is from "Sweet 'n Sassy" stamps. Once again, have a wonderful day today and tomorrow and stay safe and healthy.

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  1. That card looks familiar... It's adorable and I love it!!